• Image of BP-003 Coïtus Int. 'Coïtus Int.' LP

Three years after our re-release of the band's debut 7", we're finally happy to announce Coïtus Int.'s reissued debut self-titled LP from 1981. Reacting to the lack of creativity among punk rock bands in Utrecht at the time, Coïtus Int. revealed a slower, darker, bass-driven approach to their music on this record. An essential companion to their 'Dead Excitement' EP, it's the beginning of a remarkable but largely overlooked 15-year career of self-released music.

Heino L'Ortye's bass is the lead melodic instrument here, serving the Gang Of Four-inspired attacks from Marcel Uffing's guitar. Drummer Ron van Asperen has a simple but memorable style, churning the band's heavy, plodding songs into different directions, particularly on tracks like "Birds" and "My Ideal Man". What separates this group from rest, perhaps more than anything, is Jos de Groot's thoughtful lyrics and unique voice. His delivery is distant but honest, and has a tone that makes you feel like he has seen things that you haven't, and that you may never understand... but you believe him.

Edition of 500. Tracks and sound samples below:

1 Birds (listen)
2 To Avoid The Pressure
3 The Threat
4 The Connection Is Obvious

5 Shrill Screams
6 My Ideal Man (listen)
7 At The Edge Of Triumph
8 Cat-Like Movements
9 Tourist Ghetto

"Sounds fantastic! Better than the original!" - Jos de Groot