• Image of BP-002 Null And Void 'Possibilities' LP

Recorded between 1981 and 1982, the 3rd and final LP by Fullerton, CA's brilliant but short-lived NULL AND VOID was unable to get a proper release in its time. Described on the Mutant Sounds blog as something resembling 'Half Machine Lip Moves' meets 'Here Come The Warm Jets', this is a product of an outstandingly talented and overlooked "synth wave" band taking their music into new and increasingly warped directions. After being rejected by head-scratching label execs in the U.S., and deemed "too weird" by most, the record was shelved for the next 30 years... An avant pop "post punk experimental acid music" masterwork, a truly endless piece of music, and the grand vision of N/V front man William Shifflette - We couldn't be more excited to give 'POSSIBILITIES' the release it deserves. Included is a 24" x 36" double sided color poster with essays and liner notes and a small lyric booklet! Yes!

1. Bach Variation
2. Japanese Forest
3. When I Fell Down
4. Einstein's Theory Of Relativity, #2
5. Our New Life
6. The Motorcycle Song
7. The Philosophy Song (listen)
8. Aubrey Beardsley
9. A Party Filled With Thieves (listen)
10. A Dream Wah! Part 1
11. A Dream Wah! Part 2
12. A Dream Wah! Part 3